A hole appears.

Everyone Who has left:

  • Hestia
  • Dionysus – No matter how hard it may seem, I can’t give up on trying to make a career out of theatre.
  • Wadjet
  • Sekhmet
  • Raphael
  • Lucifer – When I first encountered Him, I loved the idea of learning how to play the violin for Him, but He was hesitant to confirm it. The only thing He conveyed for the portion of the Questionnaire about any debts or obligations was that I should go ahead and do so.
  • Voldemort
  • Nagini
  • Unknown Spn Entity – I was able to find out that my suspicion was correct and this was Dean.
  • Baldur
  • Hoder
  • Nanna
  • Sif
  • Idunna
  • Kolga

I am closed off to the Family of Mountains, Family of Snow and Ice, and the Family of Fire (other than two plamen Who have already visited).

Rather than having People leave outright, I’ve simply had Some turn Faces away: Narvi (Older Face) and Loki (Mardi Gras and Harley Quinn World-Breaker Faces).

Some pages have been updated, consolidated (in the case of the Tribes), and just outright deleted to reflect these changes. However, with changes being conveyed daily and trying to update more than one online space, I can’t guarantee that all updates will filter to every page / blog for a little while.

Divine Cookbook (intro post)

I tend to share potential recipes in other places, and they may not all be tried. However, I’ve decided to share some of my attempts at doing things that hopefully result in edible items. (I know I haven’t gotten to my post on offerings, but fyi, I have no qualms about the making and ingesting of food being an offering to Someone, or Several Someones.)

Not that long ago in July, we had a bunch of bananas dropped off at our house by our grandparents. Under the guise of being dog safe ice cream (though I have no idea if that poster was actually correct), I had once upon a time saved one of those two ingredient ice cream posts somewhere for the Pack (Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, and Vali).

What a coincidentally ideal time to try this out. Since it was my idea, I was put in charge of this. I dug up a video and a written post to show my family to prove that I wasn’t making this shit up and had some idea of what to do. [Two Ingredient Banana Ice Cream]

Our blender isn’t decrepit and falling apart or anything, but it’s not exactly new and top of the line. I decided to chill the bananas, so it didn’t have ice cream consistency once I had blended everything together (I tried a small ‘snack’ sized fruit cocktail with our bananas). We just portioned out the mix and let the bowls sit in the freezer in order to set up like ice cream, and no one complained.

Barring certain holy days where a certain group or a specific Someone gets food offered to Them, I tend to err on the side of just offering the energy of whatever I’m eating up to Everyone. While They’ve sometimes had specific requests, No One seemed to mind the exact combo I put together for this attempt. The recipe linked to uses peanut butter, but my sibling didn’t want a nut product (so no peanut butter or Nutella).

I’m specifically sharing this now (and tagging Baldur) because this falls under His monthly edible offering that utilizes seasonally appropriate items. Ideally, I’d like to try this again and partially freeze the bananas to see if I can get the ice cream consistency without additional freezing (and try peanut butter as the second ingredient). The recipe is open enough to work for quite a few Deities, so there’s potential to let Them request the second ingredient as well.


I first ran into the idea on Nornoriel’s blog, but I’m currently having trouble tracking down the exact post to link to as a source. It relates to Baldur being a consort of Hela’s, and I didn’t really pay attention to it for several weeks (chalking it up to differences in upg). Then Baldur confirmed it as relating to how I interact with Him because it was taking me awhile to figure out why I kept associating Him with associations I had thought were just Hela’s. This does explain why He spends most of the year in Helheim with Her before His mythological cycle restarts (having cycles that restart is sort of a thing in my practice, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in anyone else’s).

In my practice, Baldur has a dream foretelling His death that is vague and quite likely steeped in enough symbolism that He doesn’t get the message that being a consort of Hela’s is in His wyrd. He’s confused and a bit afraid because He doesn’t have the answer to why He has to die, which leads to telling His parents and Frigga asking everything to not hurt Him (except for the mistletoe). I’m not sure if there’s an indication of what time of the year Baldur is killed in the Lore, but in the myth cycle in my personal practice, Baldur cannot be killed as fall gives way to winter. He realizes as the land dies around Him that there’s some sort of land health connection with Him, and that interfering with His ability to die has messed with the land’s ability to do the rebirth of spring deal.

This leads to Baldur making an arrangement with Loki to orchestrate His death because Baldur can’t kill Himself (a combination of the protective magic enacted and Others making sure that mistletoe isn’t around), which is a holy day within my practice for both of Them [occurring on the winter solstice]. On the 5th day of the 12 days of Yule, Loki does successfully orchestrate Baldur’s death [another holy day in my path]. I hold that Baldur only finds out about the consort part and the why of needing to die when He gets to Helheim. There’s some sort of combination of Hela explaining things and Baldur seeing how His presence in Helheim helps the health of that Realm’s land, and Baldur agrees to being Hela’s consort.

While wyrd and Reasons brought Them together, I do think the relationship between Baldur and Hela is a positive one and that Baldur isn’t being kept against His will or anything. Observing Baldur’s sacrifice and honoring it by sharing a meal (brought up in the intro post) is still the main thing I do for Him. For as long as my Deities think it’ll be helpful to have a depression [management] prayer set, I can still include Him in it; there’s nothing wrong with interacting more with His Hat.


[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

He’s one of the Deities that’s included in my depression [management] prayer set. For quite a while, that was the primary means of interacting. Prayer to Baldur by Ingeborg [from His northernpaganism.org shrine] is included as the means of welcoming Him. I’ve varied over time in the frequency of doing this prayer set, which was the closest to having some sort of notable day for Him.

He ended up sharing a mythological cycle that intertwines with Loki’s to a certain degree, but I’m hoping to go into detail about that a bit later. The basic bit is that Baldur spends most of the year in Helheim with two holy days from the cycle’s various dates. The 1st day of Yule [aka the winter solstice] is when Baldur makes an agreement with Loki and arranges for the mistletoe plan to kill Him [in my practice; there are all kinds of variations on why / how / Who was involved in Baldur’s death]. The 5th day of Yule is when Baldur dies, again just in my practice.

There’s this tie in of His sacrifice helping the land come out of the death of winter, and there’s some sort of health of the land tie in for Helheim as well while He’s there. He has previously indicated that sharing a meal that’s seasonally appropriate on the day before the 3rd quarter moon for the months that He’s in Helheim was a desired offering schedule (of sorts) to acknowledge His sacrifice for the land.

I don’t have a physical shrine / altar for Him, but I do have a tumblr tag: Baldur.