Death On Hold

I’m not entirely sure what to say about Death & Co. They’re still here and mostly in the background. Different Company members can’t agree on tags, so They don’t necessarily have much intentional tumblr content (outside of Hela’s tags). I mostly know Them by titles that are ‘big enough’ for different deities to be under a title – Death, Psychopomp, Afterlife Guardian, etc. – like a manager and supervisor chain of command. In this comparison, Death would be the manager, and Hela would be the supervisor.

I’m still working on debt from People Who have Left, so Death & Co are relatively quiet. There’s been some back and forth on whether it’s an assignment, lowercase-w work, or some sort of volunteering instead of a Job / Work, but honestly, some of these differences are very dependent on the People involved and Who’s answering via divination. They feel like They’re playing the long game, as it were, and whatever it is that Death & Co want me to do, They’re willing to wait. (It’s not a negative perception. Death & Co just feel inevitable.)

I’m not entirely sure to what extent The Company is an inter-pantheon collective on the ‘supervisor level’, but I have been recently getting some Hades pings. I mean, I’m not really going to race out and try to find all the Hellenic stuff from years past [~4 years ago] when some Hellenic People were around, but I’m making a note of the ping. Either it’s not applicable, a misinterpretation (because of other people posting about Hades), or Someone will actually answer if it’s applicable.