Returning (#divine cookbook)

I’m obviously not much of a kitchen person because this is only the second time using this tag (divine cookbook).

The first time feaured two ingredient ice cream (freeze bananas and add whatever you want), and I returned to this. That post has a link to a recipe and a video, of anyone needs specifics, btw.

This time I just had one banana (single serving), so I added some peanut butter to taste. I kinda offered it to the Pack in general instead of specifying anyone.

We still have the blender from last time, so I still didn’t quite trust blending completely frozen banana and opted for chilling them again (the resulting mix gets set in the freezer to set up).

Divine Cookbook (intro post)

I tend to share potential recipes in other places, and they may not all be tried. However, I’ve decided to share some of my attempts at doing things that hopefully result in edible items. (I know I haven’t gotten to my post on offerings, but fyi, I have no qualms about the making and ingesting of food being an offering to Someone, or Several Someones.)

Not that long ago in July, we had a bunch of bananas dropped off at our house by our grandparents. Under the guise of being dog safe ice cream (though I have no idea if that poster was actually correct), I had once upon a time saved one of those two ingredient ice cream posts somewhere for the Pack (Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, and Vali).

What a coincidentally ideal time to try this out. Since it was my idea, I was put in charge of this. I dug up a video and a written post to show my family to prove that I wasn’t making this shit up and had some idea of what to do. [Two Ingredient Banana Ice Cream]

Our blender isn’t decrepit and falling apart or anything, but it’s not exactly new and top of the line. I decided to chill the bananas, so it didn’t have ice cream consistency once I had blended everything together (I tried a small ‘snack’ sized fruit cocktail with our bananas). We just portioned out the mix and let the bowls sit in the freezer in order to set up like ice cream, and no one complained.

Barring certain holy days where a certain group or a specific Someone gets food offered to Them, I tend to err on the side of just offering the energy of whatever I’m eating up to Everyone. While They’ve sometimes had specific requests, No One seemed to mind the exact combo I put together for this attempt. The recipe linked to uses peanut butter, but my sibling didn’t want a nut product (so no peanut butter or Nutella).

I’m specifically sharing this now (and tagging Baldur) because this falls under His monthly edible offering that utilizes seasonally appropriate items. Ideally, I’d like to try this again and partially freeze the bananas to see if I can get the ice cream consistency without additional freezing (and try peanut butter as the second ingredient). The recipe is open enough to work for quite a few Deities, so there’s potential to let Them request the second ingredient as well.