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I must admit that I didn’t really save every single post from just-another-vanic-shrine because it was mostly reblogging from my Njord, Frey, Sunna, Freya, and Vanir tags. However, I did want to keep a note of where I got the icon for that sideblog from.


Ember proposed a boar symbol for consideration among those interested in Vanatru [here]. When I was revamping the sideblog from being a Mani shrine, I thought it would be appropriate given when in 2015 I started incorporating Vanir content.

I still consider myself Vanir and Vanatru friendly, but They’re some of the People Who pass by on occasion while no longer staying. It’s not consistent enough to be cyclical, but it’s sporadic enough that They just sort of pop in (or influence certain dash shenanigans).

Shipwreck In A Dish

[Cross posting a draft from just-another-vanic-shrine.]


I make these as offerings to Njord, but I suppose they could be used any time one wants a bit of ocean.

  • a small dish or cup (I like to use a clear glass one so you can see the whole thing, but anything will do)
  • salt (preferable sea salt)
  • water
  • seaweed (available in the health food or Japanese food sections of most grocery stores)
  • toothpicks or other small shards of wood
  • coins
  • rocks, gems, herbs, shiny things, what you will, etc.

Put a bit of salt in a small dish and fill the dish with water (tadah! sea water!). Add a small piece of seaweed and pinches of whatever herbs are applicable (for Njord, I use the same herbs I use to season fish). Float the toothpicks on top of the water and then set the coins (and any rocks or other sinkable things) on top of the toothpicks and let them fall to the bottom, maybe carrying the wood with them.
And there you have it, a teeny tiny ocean in a dish, complete with treasure and splinters of wood.

Knitting & Njord

[Cross posting a draft to just-another-vanic-shrine that’s a pre-WP post (2014).]


I associate knitting with Njord.

First off, knitwear is traditionally associated with fishermen, who are absolutely Njord’s people. And secondly, knitting is working string into, well, a net, a lot like a fishing net.

(via hightimberedtemple)

Gardening Book (Rec)

[Cross posting a draft recommending a book.]




this book is worth more than a dozen restaurants that grow their own microgreens on the roof


So important!

Free Rice

[Cross posting a draft from just-another-vanic-shrine. My high school Spanish teacher actually had us do this for extra credit.]




just a reminder if you’re bored you can always answer some simple trivia and give rice to people in need.

and it’s absolutely free

Hey also if you have adblock on PLEASE TURN IT OFF FOR THIS SITE because thats how it earns the money for the rice. Thanks!

It also has different subjects to quiz you on, including language, math, and even SAT subjects!!! Not only are you helping others but you’re getting a bit of learning in too!!!!!!!

Hearing the Stars (cross post)

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted on 25 Sept 2018 and tagged #spacekult for Nott.]

[Original text is in all caps in white with aqua to show emphasis, which is represented by the bolded text here.]

Gif 1: This astrophysicist lost her sight, so she learned to listen to the stars

Gif 2: And made a scientific breakthrough

Gif 3: As a kid in Puerto Rico, Wanda Diaz-Merced dreamt of being an astronaut

Gif 4: She earned a doctoral degree in astrophysics

Gif 5: But a long illness left Diaz-Merced blind and threatened her studies

Gif 6: Determined not to give up, she realized she could turn data points into sound

Gif 7: Through sonification, Diaz-Merced was able to pursue a career in astrophysics

Gif 8: By listening to the behavior of stars, she began noticing things people couldn’t see, or hear, before

Gif 9: Diaz-Merced linked star formation to gamma ray bursts – a new idea in astrophysics

Gif 10: Her work has helped astrophysicists consider sound as a new way of analyzing stars

Gif 11: A quote from Wanda Diaz-Merced: “If people with disabilities are allowed into the scientific field, an explosion, a huge titanic burst of knowledge will take place.”

Arctic Foxes ‘Grow’ Their Own Gardens





The underground homes, often a
century old, are topped with gardens exploding with lush dune
grass, diamondleaf willows, and yellow wildflowers—a flash of color in
an otherwise gray landscape.

“They’re bright green and everything around them is just brown,” says Brian Person, a wildlife biologist for the North Slope Borough in Barrow, Alaska. “It pops”…

I can die happy now that I know this fact.

I am now picturing soft little foxes with watering cans and spades planting and tending to their Fox Gardens

gettin ready for the winter

Arctic Foxes ‘Grow’ Their Own Gardens

Ace + Aro & Fertility Deities





I’d just like to mention:

You can be ace or aro and devoted to deities lumped in with the whole “fertility” thing. You can. You are accepted. Fertility doesn’t have to do exclusively with biological procreation. It’s about bounty and creating things. These things can be intellectual. Artistic. Anything you can imagine. It’s about creation and plentifulness.

Do not feel bad if the sexual innuendos put you off. Non ace/aro people who are devotees, please remember others when posting and tag accordingly. You don’t have to be sexual to be associated with a deity who is commonly associated with sex, but who is much more than that.

Even fertility deities have more layers to them than sex. Never let anyone tell you it’s unnatural or wrong to be ace.

This this this.

You are not broken or lesser.

Fertility deities are not just about “sex” and biological procreation.

It’s also not about giving to deities of fertility for the fertility of the overall city, or worshipping populace. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not about you interacting with the deities you don’t really connect with on behalf of others.

I am saying that you, personally, as a solitary, can connect with and gain benefit from deities who are stereotypically associated with sex and biological procreation and it does not have to be about that. Not for you, not for your neighbors. If you are an ace and aro artist, they can encourage and help you be more productive with your work and gaining bountiful income from it, for example. It does not necessarily have anything to do with sex. None of it needs to. They are about fertility and bounty, which is not necessarily associated with sex depending on the context.