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Screenshot of a tweet from Brendon Urie:

I get really offended when people tell me I’m going to hell for being bi, because I feel like they’re overlooking all the perfectly valid reasons I’m going to hell.

Cherishing Monsters for Their Uniqueness

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user lizardywizard:

i promise i will stop talking monsters soon but like

i want to cherish monsters for their uniqueness not change them

i want to approach the monster who lives in the cave and instead of ~drawing them out into the light~ i want to learn what it’s like for them in the dark

i want black leather scale-plates oiled to a fine sheen to be respectable dinner attire without having to force the monster into a cravat

i want to learn love from them because soft-bodied warlike primates aren’t the sole keepers of understanding on love

Stand before an ancient rock face and look at the handprints

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User fallensuggestion:

“stand before an ancient rock face and look at the handprints. here, we were here, long ago. feel the old familiarity, and the distance. if an angel passed by, on their way to somewhere else, somewhere beyond the reach of heaven’s gaze, would they have stopped, placed a human-shaped hand upon the rock, matched the fresh shadow of someone’s hand fingertip for fingertip, and marvel?”

Thor (v/v)

Have some goats.


Infernally Adjacent

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted 8 Jan 2017.]

Between not feeling like a side path was enough to warrant a label (my attention wasn’t even enough to consider myself ‘dual trad’) and an Infernal Person asking me to not use that label, I’ve struggled with how to convey allyship to Luciferians and Satanists. Regardless of the drama I’ve witnessed from a tiny sliver of the tumblr communities, I have nothing against Luciferianism or Satanism, generally speaking. I can see the draw and how someone can find these paths to be very personally fulfilling, but I can’t walk these paths in this lifetime.

I’ve still wanted to show support and openness, but I ran into a snag in what term to use. I don’t consider my attempt at ‘Luciferian ally’ to be a failure, but specification winds up with a list that might not even cover everyone by inter-community standards. There are other topics where an ally is clearly an outsider who supports a particular community, but due to my experience in religious / magical conversations where an ally is someone an individual directly interacts with, I decided to step away from using ally.

My goal is to land on a short phrase that doesn’t disclude anyone or focus on a particular community. I’m not really trying to campaign for this to catch on, but I want it to be easy enough to figure out that I’m not confusing anyone. I’ve previously run across ‘adjacent’ being used to indicate someone who supports but doesn’t currently belong to a community (*), so I’ve decided to incorporate that into: Infernally adjacent.

I am not opposed to those who interact with Infernal People being included in pagan, polytheist, and magical communities (or the overall Pagan community), and I support not throwing them under the bus to make Pagans look better than media stereotypes. Luciferian, Satanist, devil worshipper, demonologist, witches who do invoke Satan, and whoever interacts with the Infernal pantheon, whether they view themselves as an atheist, agnostic, theist, or something else.

. . .

(*) Specifically, Goth adjacent. Some don’t mind Goth subculture while not being involved, and some still consider themselves friendly to the culture and people even after they leave.

“The serpent beguiled me”


“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.“

Dr. Aschenasy, a Hebrew scholar said: “In Hebrew, beguiled does not mean “tricked” or “deceived”, as commonly thought. Rather, the Hebrew word is a rare verb that indicates an intense experience evoking great emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual trauma. It is likely that Eve’s intense, multilevel experience, this “beguiling” by the serpent, was the catalyst that caused Eve to ponder and evaluate what her role in the Garden really was.“

Satan’s [deceptive efforts] were not enough to deceive Eve into blindly eating the fruit. What it DID do was beguile her: made her question, made her doubt, and sent her on a soul-searching journey.