Fin: Frey

I was prompted to return to weekly prayers post-Burning, but I admittedly didn’t get very far before updates started happening. For Frey, I was directed to Prayer for the Son of Vanaheim by Ari to be said on an alternating Friday schedule. It’s a bit more removed Face than I previously interacted with because I was far more focused on His Light in the Dark aspects.

I know there’s more to Frey than Light in the Dark, gardening,and being queer supportive, but certain associations come to mind before others (and for me, these are it). Going forward there’s more than one area where I could still honor Frey without direct interaction, but Frey has left with a particular nudge towards a charity aimed at ending world hunger*, Action Against Hunger. He also has the latent energy from His tag here, on tumblr, and the Vanic shrine tag.

(* This certainly isn’t the only charity with this goal, and this doesn’t trump any locally aimed efforts or other charities and organizations dealing with food distribution in terms of support.)


Frey (ii)

Source. All kinds of gardening and growing plants stuff have associations with Frey, obviously, but there’s something about the Seedbom that stuck out in terms of narrowing down what to queue up as crossover posts. I think the overall idea of having a seed pod that you can throw and leave for flowers to grow holds up, even if the product link appears to be broken (might just be me?).

Frey (i)

SourceIt seems a little easier to casually reblog posts under a deity’s name on tumblr. This is one example of when, for me at least, there’s a glimmer of Frey in someone else. Flower beards are a definite Vanic thing for me, but the man’s reclamation of ‘faggot’ as a gay man also speaks to a queer friendly vibe I get from Frey. Like, I’m not looking to argue with anyone that He’s gay af because all your faves are queer, but I have -5 tolerance for not acknowledging that He can present as queer friendly and supportive to us.

Animal Random Acts of Kindness

The morning of this past Sunday we found an orange tabby at the back door. It’s not uncommon for people to move out of the nearby rentals and let their cat loose, which is what we assume happened to this guy. He’s in the gangly kitten stage and isn’t neutered, so we’re not really sure that we’ll see a lot of him. We still put out some food and water, like we used to (the last cat stopped by mid June coincidentally enough).

Hail Freya, and welcome back.

Later that same day we saw a dog in the middle of the road on our way back from my grandparents house. He was on the yellow line of a state route (55 mph), so my mom pulled over and had me get him into the car. Because it was a Sunday, we couldn’t call or drop him off at the humane society so we had to wait until Monday morning. Half of his problem was that he’s a puppy; half of his problem was that he’s not neutered. The dog warden came by and took him in the afternoon, and he’ll hopefully be reunited with his family.

Hail Frey, and welcome back.

((Written 8.29.16, slight trouble with scheduling on the app led to a late posting.))

Shrine update

With People leaving, Faces turning away, and it apparently being a time for People to change things, I have a new shrine configuration. It’s part of the Leaving Questionnaire to ask what I should do with items / shrines, so it didn’t take too much to just check in with Everyone else.

The big change right now is that I have one shrine for the Vanir (and two Vanic compatible Deities – Sunna and Mani). It was a combining and trimming process.

The new shrine is being shown first and below the cut are the available images I have of previous shrines and the components combined.


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Feast of the Fallen (intro)

Date: August 1st.

Lantameren (from the [Tolkien] Elvish fall lanta + feast / festival meren) [lah-n-tuh mare-in].

The start of the harvest season; Someone is sacrificed in Vanaheim, walks the Hel-road while Their death feeds the land, and then returns to the land of the living which acts as a blessing to the harvest. A lot of people associate this with Frey, but Visions of Vanaheim talks about this being a role that has been passed onto Someone else.

According to Nornoriel, this role is filled by the current King of Vanaheim. In my personal practice, this role is filled by Someone unNamed in lore, Who uses the name Gorwerdë (from the Tolkien Elvish oak gorw + seed erdë) [gore-wur-day]. He is not the ‘King’ and does not hold the priest role associated with the ‘King’ as Nornoriel has described. While Gorwerdë has taken on the official role of Sacrifice, He isn’t as involved or interested in ambassador work as Frey in my experience, which is why I still encounter Frey as being the focus of this day’s activities.

Suggestions for observing this holy day (pg 338):

  • If one can journey, one can go to Vanaheim to observe the sacrifice and return of the King Sacrifice.
  • One can keep vigil for the King Sacrifice by lighting a candle and celebrating his return with merriment and feasting.
  • One can offer blood to the Vanir and to the land.
  • One can bake bread or (if not able to bake, or eat grain like wheat, or if you just don’t like bread) prepare some other sort of food, preferably something in season in your area.
  • This is also the time when Frey’s procession goes forth within Vanaheim, and Frey can be honored during this time as well.

Trying to figure out something I can do:

  • I can’t journey / travel / what have you, so attending rituals in Vanaheim isn’t an option for me.
  • While I do have a few holy days where I do something along the lines of a vigil and pull an all-nighter (while doing something creative), I often try to find something else to do so I can get some sleep (and function the next day).
  • Well, may be working out a blood donation near this date in the future could work, but I’m generally not big into personal, at home blood donations.
  • As I shared here, I typically go the route of specifically offering up the energy from a certain meal to Frey (or generally to the Vanir with an emphasis on Frey) on this day.
  • I haven’t done a procession, a blot, or something more traditional for Frey in the past, but I do tend to focus more on Him today than Others in the Vanir. It’s the primary time I interact with His Hat duties.

In terms of what I actually do, I typically offer up a meal to Frey (or generally to the Vanir with an emphasis on Frey) rather than offering up the energy to Everyone (default). I go into the why of doing a “board game” styled devotional activity featuring walking the Hel-road here, and this year, this has been mostly what I’ve done. This holy day is an acceptable time to work with descending and returning to the land of the living and far enough in the future to make sure I don’t literally go along for the ride.

Since this is the first year I’m doing this activity, I’ve had to take into account making it. I put the details into the descending portion last night and let token ‘me’ wait at a certain point overnight, and now, after having offered up a meal, I’m going to finish out the ascending part (and then probably share a bit more about what I specifically have done).

Shrine pics for Frey

This is going to be a regular point of forgiving, but I only have my laptop’s webcam to take pictures with right now. So, these won’t be the absolute best in terms of quality, ‘k? Anyway, some stuff for Frey.

Pic 1 – the candle I used to put out for Lammas with a sunflower candle holder (solar thing for multiple instances).

Pic 2 – I moved the above to an empty shelf (hoping for better lighting), and I added in His prayer beads. Yes, those are macaroni noodles. In hindsight, I probably should’ve used a different type (straighter) and have it work as a spacer instead of a main point.

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 3, 4 – Avis (Harry Potter Universe pc magic related to boosting happiness). I was hoping to get a bit better version (in 3) from my other picture (4; it’s shared with the spell). The jug it’s tied around is one of those harvest guys.

This has been shared in this tumblr post along with touching on the other Deities Who share the shelf that this sits on (there’s been an update in this combined shrine since it was posted nearly a year ago).