Cat’s Cradle (sgcomics)

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This shibari arrangement is called…‘Cat’s Cradle’.
For Geekdomme. 🙂 Ref: Complete Shibari Volume 2

Ace + Aro & Fertility Deities





I’d just like to mention:

You can be ace or aro and devoted to deities lumped in with the whole “fertility” thing. You can. You are accepted. Fertility doesn’t have to do exclusively with biological procreation. It’s about bounty and creating things. These things can be intellectual. Artistic. Anything you can imagine. It’s about creation and plentifulness.

Do not feel bad if the sexual innuendos put you off. Non ace/aro people who are devotees, please remember others when posting and tag accordingly. You don’t have to be sexual to be associated with a deity who is commonly associated with sex, but who is much more than that.

Even fertility deities have more layers to them than sex. Never let anyone tell you it’s unnatural or wrong to be ace.

This this this.

You are not broken or lesser.

Fertility deities are not just about “sex” and biological procreation.

It’s also not about giving to deities of fertility for the fertility of the overall city, or worshipping populace. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not about you interacting with the deities you don’t really connect with on behalf of others.

I am saying that you, personally, as a solitary, can connect with and gain benefit from deities who are stereotypically associated with sex and biological procreation and it does not have to be about that. Not for you, not for your neighbors. If you are an ace and aro artist, they can encourage and help you be more productive with your work and gaining bountiful income from it, for example. It does not necessarily have anything to do with sex. None of it needs to. They are about fertility and bounty, which is not necessarily associated with sex depending on the context.

Fin: Freya

I was prompted to return to weekly prayers post-Burning, but I admittedly didn’t get very far before updates started happening. I was supposed to say a prayer for Freya on an alternating Friday schedule, but She didn’t convey Her pick before updates closed this down.

I know there’s more to Freya than what I’ve shared here (queer friendly and helping cats), especially since others seem to talk about the badass warrior, own your sexuality, seidr working aspects, but I never really personally got any of that. I wasn’t slated to get a certain side (seidr), or I was afraid on some level and delayed a side. I know there are areas that She would’ve liked to get to in shadow work, but they aren’t exclusive to directly interacting with Her (learning how to love myself, including myself in body positivity, uninstalling negative romantic and/or sexual conditioning, etc).

It’s not like I’ve missed my window of time for learning or unlearning, and for better or worse, I don’t think I actually can avoid any of those topics She wanted to bring up. Even though She’s leaving and I won’t be directly interacting with Her, Someone else will nudge at shadow work, or I’ll reach my last straw and be motivated to do something on my own. It’s not an if so much as a when I’ll finally get around to these areas.

More in the realm of parting requests, Freya would like me to help a charity or organization, like Others have requested, but She doesn’t want to indicate any particular one animal program over another – “a local animal shelter / org / charity / etc”. She also has the latent energy from Her tags here, on tumblr, and on the Vanic sideblog.

Freya (ii)

The Tiny Tabby sells cat plushies and merchandise in order to raise money for cat shelters with different characters representing different types of cats that are often harder to adopt; Franklin is blind, Marmalade has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), Clover is a black cat, etc.

They also signal boost adoption efforts, even if they don’t currently support that particular shelter with a character.

Source. I know there are other causes that can be backed by Freya, and I know there are other groups that help cats, but I wanted to share this because I was once planning on getting a plushie as a shrine item.

Freya (i)

SourceFreya isn’t the only Person I tagged on this post about AIDS history, btw. Similar to Frey, I see Her as being queer friendly and supportive, even if seeing Her as queer is upg (applying modern labels to a deity’s sexuality is highly individualized and variable across humans being interacted with). Y’know, it doesn’t hurt anyone if She nudges me to queer history.

Belladonna Quote

You may be a delicate flower but, hey, so is Belladonna and it can still kill people.

My boss, in what is probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard. (via heloisedevillefort)

There’s a children’s novel called Which Witch? and in it a witch named Belladona who practices “good” magic ends up becoming a wildly respected Necromancer and master of both black and white magic, and marries the king of evil warlocks. 

So yeah. Beware of the delciate flowers.

(via annabellioncourt)

Animal Random Acts of Kindness

The morning of this past Sunday we found an orange tabby at the back door. It’s not uncommon for people to move out of the nearby rentals and let their cat loose, which is what we assume happened to this guy. He’s in the gangly kitten stage and isn’t neutered, so we’re not really sure that we’ll see a lot of him. We still put out some food and water, like we used to (the last cat stopped by mid June coincidentally enough).

Hail Freya, and welcome back.

Later that same day we saw a dog in the middle of the road on our way back from my grandparents house. He was on the yellow line of a state route (55 mph), so my mom pulled over and had me get him into the car. Because it was a Sunday, we couldn’t call or drop him off at the humane society so we had to wait until Monday morning. Half of his problem was that he’s a puppy; half of his problem was that he’s not neutered. The dog warden came by and took him in the afternoon, and he’ll hopefully be reunited with his family.

Hail Frey, and welcome back.


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