[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

I used to do a prayer set for Her every other month, then it wibble-wobbled around once a month for a bit. These are from Her shrine:

I was asked to look into the history of the pro-choice movement, but it didn’t happen before the previous devotional lock-down. Though She would still like me to keep Her tag on tumblr, I’ve found out that She’s leaving after this round of shadow work because I’m not going to have the time or energy to put towards pursuits that She wants me to. Tag on tumblr: Gerda.

It was Her Leaving that prompted me to come up with the Leaving Questionnaire I referenced in the post on Odin (Valkjosandi) Leaving. The main thing to mention is that the objects that were previously Hers have had their connection to Her cut (and while I currently don’t know Who it is, Someone has indicated They want them). These items used to be Gerda’s section of the combined shrine I mentioned when sharing Frey’s shrine pics (originally posted here on my tumblr):

Original caption: Her prayer beads with a wooden bracelet. I received it as a graduation gift over the summer after my Senior year, and there’s just something about it that seems to work for Her.