Cherishing Monsters for Their Uniqueness

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user lizardywizard:

i promise i will stop talking monsters soon but like

i want to cherish monsters for their uniqueness not change them

i want to approach the monster who lives in the cave and instead of ~drawing them out into the light~ i want to learn what it’s like for them in the dark

i want black leather scale-plates oiled to a fine sheen to be respectable dinner attire without having to force the monster into a cravat

i want to learn love from them because soft-bodied warlike primates aren’t the sole keepers of understanding on love

May Full Moon

Possible names include: Flower, Corn Planting, Milk, and Hare Moon. Mani indicated that He would like me to use “Flower”, though I make no guarantee He’d want someone else to do the same. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

“You smell that?”

Hati inhaled and glanced up at Mani, “Flowers?”

“Not just any flowers.”

While he noted that Mani was leaning out of the wain, Hati couldn’t bring himself to get overly concerned. After a few centuries of Mani pushing the limits on how far he could reach out of the wain, it had stopped fully registering on his radar.

“The moonflowers are opening up.”

Hati sniffed the air, a little puzzled, “That’s more than just moonflowers — ”

“They’re opening for the moon, so they are all moonflowers now. I don’t make the rules.”

Hati sighed and continued to keep pace with the wain. They’d hit that point in spring.

April Full Moon

Possible names include: Pink, Sprouting Grass, Egg, Fish, Seed, and Planter’s Moon. Mani indicated that He would like me to use “Fish”, though I make no guarantee He’d want someone else to do the same. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

The horses were walking their usual path, and everything seemed to be going along rather well for the moon’s path that night. A small projectile flew out of the driver’s seat and sailed past Hati’s nose, and he knew he’d spoken too soon. The projectile dangled below the star path but was connected to something; Hati walked around the edge of the wain.

“You’re fishing?”

“For people.”

“Are you sure this is – ?”

Mani yanked on the rod and pulled the projectile into the wain. Attached to it was a small slip of paper. He read it and tossed the projectile back among the stars while thinking, “It’s going to take a little while to get this prayer into motion, but it’s not a no”.

“Just don’t disturb the horses.”

Dec Full Moon

Possible names include: Cold, Long Nights, Oak, Christmas,and Moon Before Yule. Mani indicated that He would like me to use “Yule”, though I make no guarantee He’d want someone else to do the same. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

Mani flicked the reins gently, and the horses slowed down along the star path. He opened his thermos and settled into the reindeer blankets, listening to snippets of celebrations. Hati stretched near his feet and glanced down at the worlds below.

“They really like throwing parties in the winter, don’t they?”

Mani hummed with the faint tune of a carol before replying, “It’s how they keep their lights kindled.”

A passing Snowflake waved at the pair, and Mani waved back. He flicked the reins again, and the horses resumed their normal pace.


[Catching up on some Intro posts for People.]

For quite a while, the main thing I did for Hati was read a prayer as part of the Dark Moon prayers [Invocation to Hati and Skoll by Justin Rhames]. He has a tumblr tag (Hati) and falls under the general Pack tags (wolves, wolves: pics, Wolf mode, werewolves).

Last fall He unofficially stepped forward with some help with managing brainweasels because He has a considerably higher threshold for munrþoka than Others I interact with. It has to do with interacting with Mani’s Void-of-Course Face for centuries, so Hati’s basically built up a tolerance.

So far, I’ve primarily been aware of Hati near the full moon (Full Moon writings), but He’s also stopped by to help facilitate messages from Others. Just due to most of the bad brainweasels coming out at night, He’s been able to drop in and check on me a bit faster than some Others (similar to what happened in the February Full Moon writing).

February Full Moon

Possible names include: Snow, Hunger, and Trapper’s Moon. Mani indicated that He would like me to use “Hunger”, though I make no guarantee He’d want someone else to do the same. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

“Look”, someone points, “The moon’s so bright tonight”. The group looks up at the sky, a faint smear of clouds doing nothing to hide the almost full circle. Mani glances down at their World, “They’re not going to be full until tomorrow night”.

Hati sniffs the air, shakes his head, and continues walking, “They must not be smelling what they’re drinking”.

“They’re just celebrating and being festive. Not all parties happen under Sunna’s watch”.

A peal of laughter floats up to the two, and the horses twitch their ears. Hati sniffs the air again, “Desperation with just a hint of hunger”.

“How can you smell that they’re hungry?”

“It’s in their voice, the laughter. They’re hungry for something, but I bet they’re looking in the wrong place”.

“What does hunger even smell like?”

“Sherbert. Everclear. Whatever’s in that drink down there.”

Mani waved his hand through the surrounding clouds and let a small wispy collection coalesce in his hand. It shone in the moonlight, mirror-esque, and flashed down to the party below. A human was struggling to stand, laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh, we know them, Hati”.

“It’s not a rowdy blot, is it?”

“No, one of our college students”, Mani held the cloud mirror down for Hati to see. The wolf shook his head, “They’re testing their inner Wolf. If they stop at two cups, they won’t feel it in the morning”.

“I’m pretty sure that’s their third”.

“Look at their eyes”, Mani swirled his fingers around the edges until he could only see the human’s eyes in the mirror, “You should see the point where Wolf tries to protect them”.

Mani squinted as a black blur swept behind their eyes, not quite within the humans’ realm of sight, “Yup, blacked out”.

“We should check back when the veil lifts. Wolf should keep them relatively safe”.

Mani set the cloud mirror next to him in the wagon, and they rode on along the starry path. Occasionally he glanced down at it – “They’re rolling on the concrete and laughing non-stop”, “Someone called for EMS”, “Oh dear, they told someone they wanted to die”.

Hati shifted uncertainly in his gait, “How long have they been at the hospital?”

“Close to two hours now. Their body’s forcing everything out, and that’s not going to happen quickly”.

Mani flashed the cloud mirror to Hati, who grimaced slightly, “Those humans are lucky they can’t see all that black, sludgy crap”.

Mani shrugged, “It’s never fun to watch someone bring up munrþoka – the chunks of sadness stuck in the depression, the anger, the worthlessness. I don’t envy Nidhogg in that, but I don’t think the humans feel lucky”.

A small voice came through the mirror, “I’m sorry – this isn’t the Opening you guys wanted to have – I just wanted to feel – ”

Hati whined slightly, “Can’t you smell the hunger?”

Mani shook his head, glancing to his left at the edgy wolf, “I can keep things under control if you want to visit them”.

Hati jumped from between the clouds and down to Midgard, walking briskly after the car leaving the hospital. He followed the small group inside and waited until the human had been situated on a couch to approach them, “Little one?”

The human shifted slightly as a friend took their boots off, already starting to fall asleep.

“Don’t eat yourself to feel full, okay?”, Hati nudged their head, “You can’t hurt yourself to fill the void”.

They were already in a deep, alcohol induced sleep. Hati sighed and rested his chin on their shoulder for a moment or two, “Feel better in the morning, Little Wolf”.

January Full Moon

Possible names include but are not limited to: Old, Wolf, Winter, Snow, Moon After Yule. Mani indicated that He’d like me to use “Wolf”, though I make no guarantees that He’d convey the same to anyone else. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

A high-pitched howl floated up from the World below, faint with distance. Mani glanced over the side of the wagon, “Sounds like a new cub.”

Hati continued his pace alongside the horses, “She’s probably singing for the first time.”

“Singing? It just sounds like howling.”

Hati snorted and looked up over his shoulder, “Just howling, please.”

“I thought it was just a thing wolves do, y’know, howl at the moon.”

“The youngest start”, he cocked his head slightly, “Her siblings have joined in – and the parents usually come in next. It depends on how many generations there are present, sometimes.”

Mani shifted the reins slightly, so the horses would continue along the star rimmed path in the sky. He glanced back in the direction of the howling again, “What are they singing about?”

“That particular family’s asking for the moon to illuminate the tracks of their prey so they don’t go hungry during the winter”, Hati nodded to his left, “But that family coming up over there is singing to their grandmother.”

“Why would they think she’s up here with us?”

“Depending on the Realm, the path to Helheim is tied into the moon. The surface of the moon they can see in the sky’s the side of the gate for the living, and the dead pass through to the dark side. Once through the gate, the dead are seen as the stars.”

“Interesting”, Mani stifled a small yawn, “Sorry. Moonrise was so early today.”

Shrine update

With People leaving, Faces turning away, and it apparently being a time for People to change things, I have a new shrine configuration. It’s part of the Leaving Questionnaire to ask what I should do with items / shrines, so it didn’t take too much to just check in with Everyone else.

The big change right now is that I have one shrine for the Vanir (and two Vanic compatible Deities – Sunna and Mani). It was a combining and trimming process.

The new shrine is being shown first and below the cut are the available images I have of previous shrines and the components combined.


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