The total solar eclipse was interesting to watch on tv (live and NOVA’s edited program later in the day that went into more detail about why scientists want to study the corona). We were in a partial zone (about 85% or so) but my family didn’t try to watch in person. In a secular sense, it was kinda fun, and I’d definitely consider trying to catch the next one.

For my People, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable. I must admit that I don’t know the specifics, but Fenrir, Angrboda, Hati, and Skoll all went through something. A Pack related altar for Them to recover and temporary changes to a playlist on Spotify for Their “time of mourning and self-destruction” lasted until the 25th. The exact details aren’t being shared at Their collective request, but I did wind up keeping some of the temporary songs in Their post-eclipse playlist.

The playlist has been a bit of a mix of Wolf mode and Pack influenced music from the beginning, but I definitely wouldn’t say this is a hard or final version. (While I may really associate a certain song with Someone, I also have to balance out any input They give, and sometimes They make it clear that They have input.) I haven’t tried sharing a link to a Spotify playlist before, but it should hopefully appear below.

Music request from Sunna

(Source.) Because People sometimes nudge you towards particular music.



…Corvus Corax. an (eventually) eight piece German outfit that played exclusively dark ages era ‘pop’ (For lack of a better word, the band was focusing less on the church music which dominated the era, and were more concerned with the music of the man of the, uh, fief, if you will.) with authentic instruments, and period costumes…

iTunes’ understanding of what defines ‘pop’ is decidedly fucking fantastic

(For the unenlightened out there who don’t know what Corvus Corax is, hold onto your knickers and your skull because this shit will blow you away

Corvus Corax is a German band that plays entirely medieval music. Not Gregorian chants and that uptight shit, but secularmedieval music that you’d hear from traveling minstrels and schtuff if you were a peasant who regular enjoyed getting shitfaced at festivals after working in the field all fuckin-duckin day.

“So it’s like viking metal or medieval metal-”
No. Read the paragraph above one more time, because it means that Corvus Corax wants to play authetic medieval music. As in sht that was actually played hundreds of years ago. You know what that entails? Primary-source research bitchesThey research minstrels and records written by monks about ‘profane music’ (which means secular or non-religious in this context so get those Chaucerian thoughts out of your head right now). The thing is, no one but the monks and the nobles knew how to write – and like fuck would they get caught dead writing niceties about the music their muck-wearing, bad-smelling, plague-bearing serfs were listening to (it’s like you admitting in a blog that you listen to the bands your shit of a little sister listens to) – so how many records could they actually find? Few. But Corvus Corax doesn’t believe in ‘incon-fucking-vient’ when it comes to research, because if what they already did isn’t fucking metal enough, they made their own goddamn period instruments to play all this shit. And then put at least half of their songs into old medieval languages for shits and giggles.

And did they stop there? Fuckity hell no. They did a goddamn opera based on the original lyrics of Carmina Burana.

Can you fucking even with these guys because I cannot)

(Also their music just sounds fan-fucking-tastic in general so go listen to it right the fuck now)

They are also, if you have the pleasure, the fucking SHIT live. Like I’m not even kidding, they fucking go for it. It’s awesome.