Cherishing Monsters for Their Uniqueness

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted 15 June 2018 and tagged #comfort in hell.]

user lizardywizard:

i promise i will stop talking monsters soon but like

i want to cherish monsters for their uniqueness not change them

i want to approach the monster who lives in the cave and instead of ~drawing them out into the light~ i want to learn what it’s like for them in the dark

i want black leather scale-plates oiled to a fine sheen to be respectable dinner attire without having to force the monster into a cravat

i want to learn love from them because soft-bodied warlike primates aren’t the sole keepers of understanding on love


[Catching up on some Intro posts for People.]

For quite a while, the main thing I did for Skoll was read a prayer as part of the Dark Moon prayers [Invocation to Hati and Skoll by Justin Rhames]. He has a tumblr tag (Skoll) and falls under the general Pack tags (wolves, wolves: pics, Wolf mode, werewolves).

Last fall He unofficially stepped forward with some help with managing brainweasels because He has a considerably higher threshold for munrþoka than Others I interact with. It has to do with the cleansing energy of the sun’s fire rubbing off on Him after being around Sunna for centuries.

I haven’t been as aware of interacting with Skoll outside of Pack endeavors and activities for Them all compared to Others. Since Sunna doesn’t need as much assistance with staying on track, He’s often the One to pop in and help facilitate messages from Others.

Shrine update

With People leaving, Faces turning away, and it apparently being a time for People to change things, I have a new shrine configuration. It’s part of the Leaving Questionnaire to ask what I should do with items / shrines, so it didn’t take too much to just check in with Everyone else.

The big change right now is that I have one shrine for the Vanir (and two Vanic compatible Deities – Sunna and Mani). It was a combining and trimming process.

The new shrine is being shown first and below the cut are the available images I have of previous shrines and the components combined.


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