Holding Pattern (Spirit Guardians)

So far, the strongest connections have been with relatives of Peaches, but they can’t maintain the connection and continue to stop by without me having a connection to Peaches. That being said, I’m not 100% cut off from all Spirit Guardians. It’s going to depend on what my wyrd looks like as the Burning continues, and I might be able to connect with Others.

I’m aware that not everyone may hold the same views of  Blue Magnolia, White Tailed Deer, or Lightning Bug. It’s okay.

Lightning Bug

Lightning Bug – He feels grandfatherly, like he’s been working a garden for years. He’s quiet but speaks up when he thinks you need ‘a little light’. Definitely feels a porch dwelling presence that’s strongest at twilight to help you just as the darkness is starting to descend. He’s stopped by to offer a little hope at times, but he’s not going to be able to come by without the connection to Peaches.


Blue Magnolia

Blue Magnolia – They stopped by at the end of Jan ‘16 for support at the time, but now that Peaches wyrd isn’t interacting with mine like it was, it’s harder for them to stop by. Notes from the encounter:

Prefers they / their pronouns. Relative of Peaches. Wants me to aim for an environmentally friendly lifestyle (as well). Seems like an ambiguously gendered grandparent – calloused hands working the family garden, making homemade pickles, long-sleeved flannel shirts, the one sought for advice, a barnstar on the house, a barn quilt, rooted in the Appalachian soil, hospitality, tradition, providing shade for all.


Spirit Guardians

* * Note: I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I err on the side of caution and use “Spirit Guardian” or something close instead of using “totem” (that term is specifically tied into certain Native American / First Nation cultures). I typically don’t write about these Beings – however you want to refer to them – so I may not be perfect in not using totem.

How I use Spirit Guardian – the representative spirit of a particular species who acts as a guardian, overseer, “Phone” answer-er, ambassador, etc. for the living members of the species. I honestly don’t know exactly where they reside, but it’s some sort of spiritual / astral / not-here realm, so I’m prone to assuming that other information about spirits and communicating with them (for example) can apply here.

My first exposure to Spirit Guardians was through Silver Ravenwolf in a section of one of her books about tapping into my personal power through interacting with them (I think that was the gist). I obviously wasn’t intrigued enough to continue looking into this at that time, and I kind of didn’t quite click with some of the dictionary styled information I found for the few times I considered interacting with Someone.

I also felt rather overwhelmed by some people talking about having multiple Serious Alliances with Spirit Guardians due to being spirit-workers, shamans, etc. I was new enough that I didn’t want to jump into such serious, committed, taboo heavy relationships with so many spirits. I’ve also found out along the way that I’m not wired for spirit-work in that capital W sense, and I didn’t really see a reason for Spirit Guardians to want to interact if I wasn’t going to do spirit-work.

At some point in the past few years, I wound up on Lupa’s blog and her talk of interacting with plant and fungi Spirit Guardians and bioregional / ecosystemic approaches have percolated. With various People advocating an environmentally friendly lifestyle and nature focused things, I’ve circled around to Spirit Guardians as potential Vanic allies in conservation efforts (not limited to that, though).

Having not jumped into a lot of the Wiccan / Neopagan books on this topic, I don’t think I’ll have to unlearn as much. I’ve also returned at different points to Lupa’s Totemism 201 masterpost (series isn’t complete, as far as I know):

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