Viking Sunstone (photo)


Viking Sunstone

Viking Sunstone found in ship wreckage! Calcite crystals like Icelandic Spar create a double image, splitting light into two rays. If the crystal is held east-west, the double image becomes a single image and thus allows a sailor to locate the sun. The crystal’s refractive qualities continue to be useful even in low light, on a cloudy day, or for a while after the sun has set.

Sun Pillar (photos)


A sun pillar is a vertical shaft of light extending upward or downward from the sun. Typically seen during sunrise or sunset, sun pillars form when sunlight reflects off the surfaces of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds. (Source) 

Sunflowers (art)


Sunflowers! I’m slowly transitioning from drawing mermaids all the time to fairies, lol.
I also finally started a Patreon and as a thank you for joining this will be an exclusive progress video and wallpapers before Aug 1st c:


Fin: Sunna

I was prompted to return to daily and weekly prayers post-Burning, but I admittedly didn’t get very far before updates started happening. All but the last stanza of Sunna-Rise by Michaela Macha was asked for on a weekly morning basis, while the refrain and dusk stanzas from The Four Adorations by Sophie Reicher was asked for on a weekly evening basis (both on Sundays). On a daily basis, I was asked to return to the “Sunna Prayer Cycle for the Day” by Raven Kaldera that I started out with for Sunna*.

Going forward, I don’t have much in terms of actual requests in order to indirectly honor Sunna because Her previous requests have sort of been filtered away to other People – observing Årsväntan ((may appear without accents here)) and building a yoga practice (no way a solar deity is going to pass up the Sun Salutation).

From what I can tell, it doesn’t seem like She minds sharing or passing off requests because She’s the sun. Anytime I’m in the sun or taking my vitamin D supplement, I’m indirectly honoring Her. She also has the latent energy of Her tag here, on tumblr, and on the Vanic shrine.

. . .

(*) When I first copied “Sunna Prayer Cycle for the Day” down (2013), it was listed online, but it’s been removed because it’s now in a devotional book, Candles in the Cave: Northern Tradition Paganism for Prisoners compiled by Raven Kaldera.

Sunna feels. But really.

(Source.) I don’t associate the act of knitting with Sunna, but this is one of those projects that get tagged as offerings (primarily due to the color gradient). Autumn Adagio Shawl by Anna Victoria on Ravelry

Music request from Sunna

(Source.) Because People sometimes nudge you towards particular music.



…Corvus Corax. an (eventually) eight piece German outfit that played exclusively dark ages era ‘pop’ (For lack of a better word, the band was focusing less on the church music which dominated the era, and were more concerned with the music of the man of the, uh, fief, if you will.) with authentic instruments, and period costumes…

iTunes’ understanding of what defines ‘pop’ is decidedly fucking fantastic

(For the unenlightened out there who don’t know what Corvus Corax is, hold onto your knickers and your skull because this shit will blow you away

Corvus Corax is a German band that plays entirely medieval music. Not Gregorian chants and that uptight shit, but secularmedieval music that you’d hear from traveling minstrels and schtuff if you were a peasant who regular enjoyed getting shitfaced at festivals after working in the field all fuckin-duckin day.

“So it’s like viking metal or medieval metal-”
No. Read the paragraph above one more time, because it means that Corvus Corax wants to play authetic medieval music. As in sht that was actually played hundreds of years ago. You know what that entails? Primary-source research bitchesThey research minstrels and records written by monks about ‘profane music’ (which means secular or non-religious in this context so get those Chaucerian thoughts out of your head right now). The thing is, no one but the monks and the nobles knew how to write – and like fuck would they get caught dead writing niceties about the music their muck-wearing, bad-smelling, plague-bearing serfs were listening to (it’s like you admitting in a blog that you listen to the bands your shit of a little sister listens to) – so how many records could they actually find? Few. But Corvus Corax doesn’t believe in ‘incon-fucking-vient’ when it comes to research, because if what they already did isn’t fucking metal enough, they made their own goddamn period instruments to play all this shit. And then put at least half of their songs into old medieval languages for shits and giggles.

And did they stop there? Fuckity hell no. They did a goddamn opera based on the original lyrics of Carmina Burana.

Can you fucking even with these guys because I cannot)

(Also their music just sounds fan-fucking-tastic in general so go listen to it right the fuck now)

They are also, if you have the pleasure, the fucking SHIT live. Like I’m not even kidding, they fucking go for it. It’s awesome.