Vanic Year

I don’t know if others use this exact phrasing, but it’s the way I refer to the prominent Vanic centered holy days that Someone *cough Sigyn cough* wanted me to add to my yearly calendar of holy days. Because I have the pdf of Visions of Vanaheim by Sebastian (Nornoriel) Lokason, I can look to it as a resource and will indicate if I’ve done so.

Update: I’ve found myself in a situation in which basic information from this book still applies but not all of it. Please be aware that my posts on these days will contain UPG relevant to my path. Importantly: While I do hold that there are priest roles, I do not hold that They are the Queen / King as Nornoriel has described, nor do I hold that They have consorts.

I also have run into a desire from Some to use different names for the days [affecting non-English only]. I’ve touched on Tolkien Universe stuff showing up / sneaking into my religious life elsewhere, and this is another case of that. For Reasons I’m not entirely sure of, the Vanir seem to use a lot of Tolkien Elvish. I make sure to translate and show how I came across the term for each day in its respective post.

Date – English Name – [Non-English] Name

  • Spring Equinox — Green Awakening — Tuwenya-cuivië
  • May 1st — Dance of Lovers — Mart’uinserma
  • Summer Solstice — Lights of the Phoenix — Lair’rulóci-elena
  • Aug 1st — Feast of the Fallen — Lantameren
  • Autumn Equinox — Festival of Gratitude — Hantameren
  • Oct 31st — Lights of Remembrance — Rînelena
  • Winter Solstice — Lights of the Serpent — Urulóci-elena
  • Feb 1st — Lights of the Winter Storm — Wáloselena

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