Writing Project: Kintsugi

First posted: 6 Oct 2018     | Last updated: 9 Nov 2018     | WIP (6 / ?)

Ch 1: Auction (Aug 1) [ao3] || WP post

Ch 2: Acceptance (Aug 2) [ao3] || WP post

Ch 3: Acquiescence (Aug 3) [ao3] || WP post

Ch 4: The Dragon’s Tail (Aug 4) [ao3] || WP post

Ch 5: București (Aug 5) [ao3] || WP post

Ch 6: Vulnera Sanentur (Aug 6) [ao3] || WP post

While I am very aware that there is content that some people may not be comfortable with in their fics, I wrote here about why I started this fic and why I’m starting to post it now. For those who didn’t read that post, the important tags to pay attention to in terms of trigger or content warnings are Past Rape/Non-con and Rape Recovery.

Ship(s): Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Original Male Character(s)

Tags: Sexual Slavery, Master/Slave, BDSM, Post-Battle of Hogwarts, Post-War, Past Rape/Non-con, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Non-Sexual Submission, Non-Sexual Kink, Rape Recovery, Dom/sub, Dom Draco Malfoy, Sub Harry Potter, Non-Sexual Intimacy

Added: [3] Kink Negotiation, [4] Impact Play, Spanking, [5] Public Sex, Safewording, [6] Communication, Consent Issues

Notes: Inspired by a Master/slave fic that features Harry spending the summer at the dragon reserve with Charlie in Romania, an emotion based headhunting experience, and a training school for slaves among other elements. Reading “Playing with Fire” is not necessary to understand this story. The erotic performance venue described in Ch 5 comes from another fic (Sherlock the Model), but it is not necessary to read it to understand this fic.

Summary: The darkness of the black blindfold was disconcerting, but Harry tried his best not to tap his fingers or move his arms, knowing the deep blue scarf wound around his wrists was more for show than actual restraint and could come undone under too much fidgeting. Prospective buyers had to be able to test their range of motion or something along those lines. Harry had heard different footsteps and hushed whispering for the most part in Romanian, but no one had stopped to inspect him closer, to touch, or to speak to him. Someone in line had shifted and their leather shorts squeaked, but there hadn’t seemed to be very many sounds of anyone being inspected. A fluttering nervousness had crept into the young man’s gut. The private viewing before the auction officially started was rather like an auction for the particularly wealthy clients, and Matei hadn’t prepared him for this anticipation. Would Matei’s starting offer hold up against one of their offers?

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